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Angelica Mangampo

I am a freelance content writer and copywriter.

My current areas of interest include philosophy, the arts, and human-centered design.

Driven by stories of identity, love, belonging, and dystopia. Avid reader and dog devotee.

I mainly write about food, travel, and lifestyle.

When I am not swamped in work, you can find me reading Webtoons, binge-watching anime, or playing video games.

I am also a digital illustrator and junior graphic designer pursuing a career in creatives and my dreams.

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Content Writing

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Can Driveways Be Resurfaced?

Driveways are pleasant to the eyes, making a home feel more appealing and warmer. It not only adds to the overall aesthetic and useability of your house but driveways also increase the home’s value over time. Although you may not be looking to sell your house anytime shortly, a properly structured and well-built driveway gives your home an increase of value in the future.
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Italian Pizza vs American Pizza (Discover The Differences)

You may have noticed differences when you ate at a new Italian pizza parlor that opened nearby. Italian immigrants initially brought pizza to the US during World War II and became immensely popular. Although Italy originally made pizza, it reached its peak in the US. The dish rapidly took over the country and slowly changed as people altered the flavors to fit their desired tastes. The Difference Between The Two Pizzas • Compared to the US, Italy has sauces that Americans are not used to tasti

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